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My Order FAQs

Is it necessary to have an account to shop on FlipQuirk?

Yes, it's necessary to log into your FlipQuirk account to shop. Shopping as a logged-in user is fast & convenient and also provides extra security.

You'll have access to a personalised shopping experience including recommendations and quicker check-out.

 Got questions before placing an order?

Feel free to contact FlipQuirk Factory by leaving a feedback in our app or sending an e-mail to our service center:

Can I make changes to my order?

You can change your order anytime before payment or just cancel this order and create a new one. We do not recommend changing it after you made the payment as it may delay your order.

How can I track my package?

You can track your order by following Account -> Orders -> Tracking on our APP.

Or enter the tracking number on the shipping company's website.

What if my order has not arrived by the expected delivery date?

For some orders there might be a few days' delay. Please do not worry if the tracking records are normal and updating.

If the parcel turns out to be missing, we will issue a full refund to you.

Shipping FAQs

Are there any additional fees involved in international shipping?

 You could see different prices for the same product, as it could be listed by many Sellers.

What does 'Preorder' or 'Forthcoming' mean?

Items marked as 'Preorder' or 'Forthcoming' are expected to be released soon and you can pre-book them with sellers. Such items will be shipped after their official release by the seller with whom you've pre-booked them.

 Payment FAQs

How can I label my saved cards?

You can specify a card label at the time of saving a card on FlipQuirk through the 'My Account' section. You can also add/edit the label anytime through 'My Saved Cards' in the 'My Account' section on  FlipQuirk

What is the 'Save Card' feature?

The 'Save Card' option lets you save your credit/debit cards on your FlipQuirk account. This helps you complete your transactions in a quick and easy way.

How does FlipQuirk prevent card fraud?

Online payments are monitored by our systems for any suspicious activity and some transactions are verified through extensive checks if we find that they are not authorised by the owner of the card. When we're not able to rule fraud out in rare cases, the transaction is kept on hold and we ask the shopper to share relevant proofs. This is done to make sure that the transaction is genuine and authorised.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept a variety of payment methods.




Debit Card

Credit Card: Visa / MasterCard/Moestro...

Wallet: Paytm/Freecharge/MobiKwik/Ola/Jio/Oxigen/Airtel/PayU


Credit Card/Debit Card: Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Carnet




Credit Card/Debit Card: Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover/Diners Club/Hipercard/Aura/elo


Other Countries

Credit Card: Visa / MasterCard/Moestro...